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Dontri Bolden's Biography


Dontri Bolden, Sr. was born on June 11, 1973 to Landis Magee and Yolanda Bolden. At an early age, Dontri had lost both of his parents and was brought up by his great-grandparents and aunt. His grandparents and aunt instilled knowledge and important qualities that he would incorporate in his life and work.

Dontri is an author, mentor, father, entrepreneur, and professional barber for the last twenty-six years. Over that period of time, he has noticed a cultural change in society; a generational change in morals, community values, and unity. Dontri had a profound desire to do something about these generational differences and to create a positive change. Thus, he wrote his first book R.E.A.D.Y: The Recipe for Success to uplift and guide youth with a R.E.A.D.Y mentality. In his success, Dontri established a trademark apparel business, R.E.A.D.Y. (R-Ready E-Energy & Effort, A-Attitude, D-Drive & Determination, Y-Yearn), after his book and values.  


Currently residing in Delaware, Dontri lives with his wife, Ty Bolden, four children, and grandson. 

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