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Public Speaking 

Dontri Bolden  began public speaking when he was a guidance counselor at Colonel Richardson Middle School. He spoke to students about the importance of having character, integrity, being a good citizen, and how decisions have an effect in a person's life. Since that time, Dontri has made appearances at venues around the Delmarva Peninsula, such as the YMCA and youth conferences. As a motivational speaker, Dontri has the hope to inspire individuals of all ages to be motivated to live out their dreams; to find their purpose and do great things with their natural gift and abilities.  


What inspires him to  be a motivational speaker, are the moments of reflection in his life when support was not given in times of turbulence and growing up. Dontri wants to be a beacon of light for the upcoming generation because uplifting those has an impact on individuals, the household, the community, and hopefully the world. 

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